Sorry for the random title, I have that LMFAO song stuck in my head🙂. Also, in approximately 4 months and 1 day until I can legally take some shots shots shots shots shots. I am extremely excited for things going on right now which is great since my last entry was such a downer. I didn’t get much response from it which doesn’t surprise me since it was so negative. But I am happy to report that I still love and support the Rockies! During that time of being bummed, I erased my Twitter. I made a new one tonight and started fresh. So, before i get to baseball I just wanna let you all know what I’ve been doing. My summer has been busy/awesome so far. I still haven’t been to a pool or water world yet this year but the summer is still young. I’ve been going to pool halls and hookah bars and just hanging with friends almost every day. Saturday I had to stay home and recover from how much I had been going out, I missed a lot of baseball though which really sucked but I have been catching up on it these past few days. I was at work, last day before vacation and I got a text that said, “The pitcher from Detroit just got screwed.” At first I just ignored it because it’s Detroit and we weren’t playing them and I was extremely busy at work so I was like, “eh whatevs.” Once I got off I remembered the text and I wrote back asking what happened. That’s when I heard the story of one of my new idols, Armando Galarraga. I hadn’t even seen the replay, just reading the description made me mad because I can’t stand when umpires blow calls. I got online and looked up the replay and that was not a blown call, it was a blind man throwing out a random call of “safe.” Jim Joyce, the umpire who blew that call apologized and felt horrible and a lot of people respect that, but I don’t. That call should have never been blown in the first place. Ground balls almost always result in an out. Galarraga was very classy about it, though. I have a temper so if I were him, I am not sure I would have handled it as well as he did. In my mind, that was a perfect game and he did great! Just as touching to me as when Ubaldo pitched his no-no. I respect and am touched by Armando’s performance because he is a good athlete and shows good sportsmanship. Some players, who will go unnamed, I do not like or respect at all because they are either arrogant while they play or in the media or they dont show good sportsmanship. Galarraga had such good sportsmanship and integrity, that he was rewarded with a Corvette. I watched the video and it was awesome! People were cheering for him, and Joyce had tears in his eyes and patted Armando on the back and Armando just smiled and accepted his prize. I really think they should have overturned the call though. I love that baseball has stayed true to its origins, but when calls like this are blown, I think replay is needed. It’s not like it was a blown home run call that cost either team the game… This was going to be a perfect game! I was shocked just by seeing Ubaldo’s no hitter. If Ubaldo was going for a perfect game and I was there, or even the man myself… and I got screwed out of it, I would probably have a heart attack! I am very passionate about sports, moments like championship games and perfect games make my eyes water because of how special they are. Back to Jim Joyce, though. I do not agree with his call period but seeing him cry showed me that he cared and really felt responsible for his call and for ruining Galarraga’s spot in the history books, and it made me respect him a little bit. But, to end this part of my entry, Armando Galarraga, in my eyes had a perfect game and I will always respect and look up to that man. I love it, I love how we find and come across new idols every day. Most of my idols are come from sports and one of them is definitely Troy. I touch on this because he is currently growing a mullet for charity for Children’s Hospital and for the special games Colorado. I saw him do an interview saying how fans from other teams give him grief about his mullet but once they find out what it’s for he thinks they will respect it more. I definitely respect it for because when I first saw it I was like, “first “Party in the USA” and now this?!” Hahah, nah I am playing, everything the man does has purpose and the purpose is always a positive, caring thing so kudos to him and his mullet! I was talking about charitable things with a friend and we came up with the idea of eating a bag of sunflower seeds a day or having a sunflower seed eating contest. I thought it was pretty cool. Oh, and if you wanna donate to Tulo’s cause you can go to Let me sidetrack for a moment, if I may… My brother got married this weekend so that is another thing I have been doing! It was such a nice wedding and I met a lot of cool people and went to an after party haha. Here’s a pic of the wedding party, it was one of my favorites. 

havingfun.jpgI really like this picture because It looks like we are all having fun and it looks like it belongs in a brochure for weddings haha. Okay, sorry for that little random throw in there. Incase you don’t know who I am, I am the one right behind the groom, my bro. Haven’t been to any games since the first 2 but I plan on changing that this week because I am on vacation. Just happy I am back in a good mood about my sports and that I still love baseball with all my❤. I will talk to you kids later!

HE PITCHED A NO-NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This was such an awesome game for me to see too! I was supposed to work 11:30-7 today so I was gonna miss most the game. One of the morning guys called in so they gave me the 6:30-3 shift which I was so excited about because I was going to get to watch the Rockies!! It was also nice to see the fans in Atlanta cheering for Ubaldo. Some of the less classy fans booed, but I heard a lot of clapping and a lot of cheering. I also saw a lot of Rockies fans there which was also really cool to see. I really wanna go cheer on my team in a different city. Ubaldo was struggling a little, walking 6 guys… But he finally got comfortable on the mound and did something amazing. I also have to give recognition to Dexter Fowler for his amazing diving catch in the 7th inning. That catch really helped Ubaldo on his way to the no-no.  I always thought it would be exciting to see a no-hitter and when it is your pitcher on your team, it is so special and I’m not gonna lie, I teared up a little. I’ve teared up a few times for the Rockies, both happy and sad reasons and I will definitely remember and cherish the happy ones like today! CONGRATS AGAIN, UBALDO!! Thank you for giving the Rockies ANOTHER spot in the history books😀. 
So now the Rockies are 6-5 and I’ve already been to two games this year! The first game I went to was completely spontaneous and random. It was the second game of the year and my cousin and I were looking for cheap tickets. We found two for 16 each and we bought them, printed them, and got ready for a game. It was an exciting game, 14 innings which we ended up losing, but we had fun. Then the next day was a Sunday afternoon game that was planned and I took my brother to it. We won 4-2 and it was just a very chill, natural Sunday afternoon game. Ubaldo pitched during that game! This entry would be longer, but I’m too excited to write much more but here are some pictures of my year so far!!

T MINUS 4 DAYS!!!! (a little bit of everything baseball)

AHHHHHH! I cannot even explain how excited I am right now. Allow me take you back in time to explain my excitement. The date was October 13th, 2009. I had an early shift at work which was not a good day to have that shift. It was a 6- 2:30 and it was absolutely dead that morning so I was walking around the store looking at news papers. One of the free papers had a picture of Huston Street sitting on the bench cradling his low hanging head. I am sure you have seen this picture, and the head line read “ROCKTOVER.” Seeing that made my heart shatter a little bit. Later that day I was walking to the back for my break and I noticed the bakery had set up a Rockies table in honor of the playoffs…. It had Rockies cupcakes, balloons, cakes, and cookies. That made my heart completely shatter. I know what you’re thinking, “wow thats a little dramatic, Cory.” But some of you know what its like to be a die hard Rockies fan. I am not a bandwagon fan and I will always support my team and its players. Even if both of those guys struck out and or gave up runs in the 9th inning in two consecutive games. Anyways, being a die hard Rockies fan in Colorado has a few special perks to it. The word “Rocktober” gives you chills and when you see a paper turn it into Rocktover is really disappointing. When we first coined the term Rocktober, it was 2007 and it was the first year we reached the playoffs since 1995. Rocktober became a huge deal and people made sweatshirts and hoodys out of it. Then in 2009 when we went back to the playoffs, announcers and fans alike were calling it “ROCKTOBER, PART 2.” The other day on 30 clubs in 30 days the commentator asked if there will be a Rocktober 3 and they all said yes, that really gave me the chills. So why did I bring up such a depressing day? Because it’s amazing how crappy i felt that day, and now we are 4 days away from being back and I feel so excited and ready. The other day me and some friends were hanging out and in the background FSN Rocky Mountain was on playing highlights from some of the Rockies greatest games in 2009. It made us all so excited for this upcoming season and we talked about where we were during certain highlights. “I was falling asleep because it was almost midnight and then all of a sudden I heard the ball smack and I realized Spilly just hit a grand slam.” That day I worked kind of late and I got back around the 4th inning. It was a pretty boring game until the end. When Spilly came up to bat I just had a feeling he was going to do something good. When he hit that grand slam I was jumping up and down screaming, “I KNEW IT I CALLED THAT!!!” A few times in my entries I have mentioned Matt Holliday and how much I am mad at him and his agent. I’ve seen several Rockies specials and they all make a very good point, with all he has done for us we cant help but be thankful and respectful to him. I’m not gonna lie, I am bitter and jealous that he is not here anymore. He will always be apart of Rockies history and one of the major reasons we got to the playoffs and to the World Series. Oh, and two entries ago a few of you mentioned how I didn’t list Carlos Gonzales but I did! to quote my entry, I said, “This list is not limited to the rest of the team. I am SO excited for Hawpe, De La Rosa, Barmes, Iannetta, Cargo, Smith and the rest of the team.” It’s okay though, I can see how that was over looked since I was lazy and didn’t type his full name. Where I work, part of my job is selling Rockies tickets which is really exciting. I am not employed by the Rockies or MLB, but I do enjoy selling tickets. It’s kind of a long process but once I get into it I get all excited about baseball and start talking about the Rockies with the customers. I also know the stadium pretty well so I can tell customers where certain seats are and which seats would be better. This isn’t too long of an entry, but I am excited and I know all of you are too! I’ll probably be writing again in 4 days!!!

A creative piece. By yours truly…

So, remember how I kept mentioning how much I love summer and baseball? Well, while I was on my baseball high, and still on it, I thought of a creative little piece that I just started typing and kept rolling with it. I read it when I was done and I thought it was good enough to share with the rest of you. So, sit back, relax, read and imagine yourself in the story!

You know the days where it’s so hot outside and all you want to do is jump into a pool with all your friends? So you all jump in and swim and then decide you are too cold so you get out and think of other things to do. You eat popsicles and lay in the hall way under the air conditioner. Then you get bored and the hot summer day turns into a warm summer night with a breeze cool enough to finally go back outside. You’re still with your group of friends, the air is brisk and it feels like staying inside would be equivalent to missing out on something everyone else is enjoying. So you get in your friends Jeep and you unzip all the windows. Driving down the high way with the windows down makes the brisk air stronger and it feels like you’re driving through a wind tunnel. You hit some traffic because everybody is going where you are, because on a brisk summer night, it’s a nice place to be. You walk down the sidewalks past the bars and alley ways and you pass several small parking lots with the signs reading, “6 dollar parking.” Or, “Cheapest parking in Denver.” You see a series of gates, and then you see flashing neon lights on a brick building that depict a baseball player sliding into home. You’ve reached your destination. You are at Coors Field on a brisk summer night getting ready to watch your favorite team; the Colorado Rockies. You wait in the line and try to decide which one is shorter or which one moves faster. Your group of friends split up between the lines to see which one gets closer first and whoever does, the rest of the group follows and cuts the line. The greeter scans your ticket and says, “enjoy the game!” Part of you wants to say, “you too” because its common courtesy. Then you remember, oh wait, you’re not here to watch the game. You walk through the crowded hall ways past several concession stands and team stores. You and your friends stop at a line that wraps around into a small booth and then out to a register. You all get a hot dog and a beer and you exit the booth to the register to pay. You set your items down on the metal counter to try to get to your wallet or your purse. You pass several sections and as you do, you notice the field through the seats. You reach your section followed by stairs that either lead up or down and an usher stands there and looks at your ticket. You know where you are going but the usher insists on pointing out the direction for you and every single one of your friends that walks past him. You find your seats and you notice the people who will be around you for the next 9 innings. Some are old, some are your age, and some are young kids experiencing their first baseball game. Hopefully their first of many, many more. You and your friends decide to take a group picture and sometimes you get one facing the field. Everyone pulls out their phones and takes a picture of the green and brown surface with the bright stadium lights beaming down on it. The announcer introduces the opposing team and some boos are heard in good fun. The announcer then introduces the home team roster and the crowd goes wild as they hear their favorite players’ names being announced. The crowd is asked to stand and remove their hats as a local choir group or school band sings the Star Spangled Banner. A wave of  patriotism and chills passes over you as you hear the stadium echo the lyrics of the National Anthem. The announcer comes back over the speaker and says, “LETS PLAY BALL.” Followed by a jaunty tune. That’s when it hits you… You’re at Coors Field on a beautiful summer night with your best friends and 45,000 other people watching your favorite team in the world do what they love best.


Oh hey there, so incase you are blind, or this is your first time seeing who I am, I am from a beautiful state where people come to see the Colorado Rockies… Oh, and they also come to see our mountains too. I am on such a baseball high, what with all this spring training buzz. My Colorado Rockies are 5-2 right now and it seems like Tulowitzki still has it. I’ve also been hearing really good things about Ian Stewart too! On Friday he almost hit for the cycle with a single, double, a triple and only missing a home run. And Miguel Olivo, one of our newest additions went 3-for-3 with a homer, a double, and 3 RBIs against the Padres. AHH! I MISSED THAT KINDA TALK. And it’s gonna be so exciting to see if Huston Street still has the arm he had last year. Tomorrow is going to be really exciting too because we are playing the Dodgers and I am hearing Street is gonna throw. I will be at work, but you best believe I am going to text for score updates almost every minute. Last night I was on a huge baseball high too, I was watching “Voices of Summer” and it was so funny to hear the guys mic’d up, especially Spilly. There was one part where he was explaining how to properly chew sunflower seeds to Jeff Francis, and you hear the ball get smacked and then Spilly looks up and goes, “take that ball!” if you wanna see it, its right here. I was looking for good pictures of Coors Field because I wanted a picture of the field under the lights and I found this really good one.

I seriously love this place. I’ve mentioned in other entries how much I love the summer time and there are 3 places I love being during the summer; camping, at a swimming pool, and Coors Field.
Here are a list of players I am excited to see back this year. I am obviously excited to see all of them, but there are a few favorites of mine that I am going to recognize.
Troy Tulowitzki:
Obviously I am excited to see Tulo back. He is one of my favorite players and someone that I look up to. People compare me to him a lot and it’s really funny hearing because I don’t see it. But then again, we never see ourselves the way others do. It will be interesting to see how he does this year since he is newly married and has a lot of new things in his life. One of the reasons I look up to him is because he is really passionate about baseball. I was at the game during his “sophomore slump” where he smashed a bat in the hall way and hurt his hand. This obviously shows passion for baseball because he was upset because if I remember correctly, he was pulled out of the game by Hurdle in the 7th inning for his performance not being so hot. Either way, he shook the slump and in 2009 was nominated for defensive player of the year. I am hoping for more big things for him like another triple play or cycle.
Ian Stewart:
I respect Stewart because he has this swagger about his game. It’s called confidence. And he has a right to be confident with 36 total home runs and a .238 batting average. As I mentioned earlier, he almost hit for the cycle in a spring training game this year which is pretty awesome and its also pretty awesome when you can throw a guy out while sitting on the dirt.
He is also a player I look up to because of the confidence. I think
it’s important to acknowledge the fact that you are good at what you
do, in a classy non arrogant way.

Huston Street:
When I first heard we acquired Street, the first thing I did was look up his statistics. I am always excited when we get a new pitcher. Before 2009, the Rockies needed help with their bullpen and I think Street adds a lot considering his win-loss record was 25-13 with 341 strikeouts and 129 saves. Another thing that gets me pumped about this player is the passion for the game and the team he plays for. In a recent article titled, “Love for team, city closed deal for Street,” Street said, “The expectations with this squad coming
off of last season, from the way we played from June 1, are obvious. It
has to be the World Series. And not just reaching the World Series, but
winning it,” Street said. “It’s no longer about just making the
playoffs in Colorado. This group is changing that.”

He became one of my favorite center fielders in 2009. He is also one of our fast players and he is pretty good at fielding too. I remember one game he went straight into the wall to catch the ball. He hurt his knee but it wasn’t serious. It shows he is dedicated to recording the out and keeping his team on top. He also tied a record stealing 5 bases against the Padres.

Ryan Spilborghs:
I’ve also mentioned Spilly several times. I am always excited when this guy is playing for my team because he has an awesome personality and he is an awesome player. I think one of his highlights was that grand slam in the bottom of the 14th against the Giants when we were down 2-4 and came back to win 6-4. He is mic’d up a lot on FSN Rocky Mountain (like the clip from earlier) and he is always saying or doing something funny/crazy. They really should give him his own show.

Todd Helton:
Nothing but respect for Helton. You can really tell he loves the Rockies and this city. He has been Rockies faithful since 1997 and all he wants to do is bring this city and team a World Series ring. He had an opportunity to go to Boston and I thought he might have done it and I was scared we were gonna lose him, but he stayed true to purple and black and I really think he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame one day. But before that, he deserves a World Series Pennant.

This list is not limited to the rest of the team. I am SO excited for Hawpe, De La Rosa, Barmes, Iannetta, Cargo, Smith and the rest of the team. If you wear purple and black and you have passion and love for the team and the city, then you are one of my favorites! Also I am excited to see Jim Tracy back as the Skipper.

I started this blog to cope with the offseason and I can’t believe how well it worked. I didn’t update all the time, but I did more than I thought I would and the time went by incredibly fast. I am gonna continue to write, but the only problem is the title of the blog. I no longer have to “miss baseball” because its officially back. I just need to think of a creative title and I can’t right now because it is almost 3 AM and I am about to pass out. any suggestions?
I hope you enjoyed this novel… expect more.

Oh yeah, and my first game this year will be April 11th, 2010 against the Padres. I wanted to go to a Sunday game because I haven’t been to very many of those. I also wanted to go because it’s against the Padres and those games are always fun.

If you’re on Twitter and you are a Rockies/baseball fan… feel free to follow me.


Hey everybody!
It’s 2010 and my first entry of the year. It probably won’t be long because my
motivation lately is equivalent to a 2 year old’s. I got promoted at work but I
really don’t like the position I have now and it’s just making me hate my store
more than I already do. I don’t know what to do with myself lately. I can’t
step down because then I’ll look pretty stupid but I can’t quit either because
then I will be broke and look like a quitter. I wanna have a job that involves
stuff I like, like comedy, or baseball, or sports, or not dealing with
customers. I just started watching this television station called G4. I always
knew that channel was awesome but I never gave it a chance. The two shows I’ve
been watching a lot lately are, “American Ninja Warrior” and
“Attack Of The Show!” Its shows like this that make me think I’d want
to work in broadcast journalism. The hosts on AOTS are really funny and they
get to do really cool stuff like go to Japan and see new technology. I think
it’d be fun to work at “The Soup” too because Joel Mchale is
hilarious. What does this have to do with baseball? NOTHING. But
I just figured I’d get you caught up on me before I went into the real reason I
am writing a blog.
Okay, here we go with the baseball talk. A few days ago I read on Twitter that
4 players were filing for salary arbitration; Huston Street, Jason Hammel,
Ryan Spilborghs, and Rafael Betancourt.  It bugged me at first seeing
this, but I knew the Rockies would work it out because they already expressed
great interest on keeping all these guys. So I did my thing, had fun during the
weekend and let things fall into place and sure enough, they did. BUT before
that, last night on FSN Rocky Mountain, they were showing classic Rockies
games. One of the games was back in 2001 against the Diamondbacks. It was so
cool seeing Todd Helton and how he was a BAMF even back then. The next game was
a 2006 shut out game again the Mariners and it was played because of the amazing
performance of pitcher Josh Fogg. It reminded me how much I miss that guy. That
game also featured Matt Holliday, Garrett Atkins, and Torrealba. It was
bittersweet. It was nice seeing something that has to do with baseball and it
was nice seeing my favorite players, but it sucks because all those guys are no
longer with my team. Today made up for that though because I woke up, checked
Twitter and the first thing I saw was that the Rockies had signed closer Huston
Street to a 3 year with an option of a 4th year that will get him $22.5
million. The Rockies also signed Spilborghs, Hammel, and Betancourt, avoiding
arbitration for all 4 of those guys. I was really happy when I learned that we
signed Street. If I had to choose between him and Manny as a closer, I would
choose Street. I respect Manny and what he’s done for the team, but Street
seems more consistent. The only time Street really struggled was during the
playoffs. Yes, that is the WORST time to struggle, but I think a lot of the
guys struggled, I don’t think they were prepared for Philly and their left
handed pitching. But I am not a band wagon fan and Street still has my support.
I was also excited for Ryan Spilborghs because as I have stated before, he is
one of my favorite outfielders. Not only is he a good player, but he has an
awesome personality. When I see him on Rockies All Access, I always say, “That
guy deserves his own show.” And, I mean why not?  Eric Byrnes had his own show and that guy
sucks! I was also excited for Betancourt and Hammel too because both of those guys were signed last year and they both really helped out our pitching staff. Besides the guys signed today, I am very stoked that we still have Tulowitzki, Iannetta, Stewart, Hawpe, Helton, and the rest of the team. And I am excited because FSN Rocky Mountain is showing more Rockies goodness tonight. It’s really helping me get through these next 3 months. And once January is over, we are only 2 MONTHS AWAY!! I got this thing called a skinit for my phone. Its like a sticker that you put on the front and back of your phone to make it more interesting. here is a few pictures of what I got.

If you like things like this, I suggest you check out Skinit they have almost any design you can think of, any team and for any device. I have a bit of a collection of Rockies items. I have a calendar, a deck of cards, posters, plaques, a key chain, the skinit, and pictures from games. Do you guys have any little collections or cool things like that? Also, how do you get your “baseball fix?” Before I go, I wanna touch base on what I mentioned earlier about the whole career thing. I am in college right now but I am far from finishing and getting an actual meaningful career. Right now I work in retail and I can’t stand it. Does anyone know of a way I can write and get paid for it? MLBLOGS… you guys hiring?! Leave comments or follow me on Twitter… I wanna know some of your ideas as asked above.

How awesome would that be to get paid every time I wrote an entry on this blog?


Holidays are DONE!

The holidays are over!! Well, with the exception of that one holiday that comes once a year where people make resolutions and welcome in the New Year by partying all night, playing beer pong, and then hugging the toilet hours before they have to go to work… Well, that’s what happens to me and my friends. Why am I excited about the holidays being over? Well, obviously because that means we are that much closer to baseball. I am really upset that Garrett Atkins got traded to the Oriels. He truly will be missed but I wish him luck and success wherever he is. I think this year I will root for the Rockies and the Oriels just to show support for my favorite 3rd baseman. I woke up this morning and the radio was playing “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. For those of you who don’t understand why this is significant, let me explain. During the 2009 season, the Rockies organization used several montage videos before the games. One of their longest montages played the song “I Gotta Feeling.” That takes me back to the 4th of July. I always go to a Rockies game on either the 3rd or the 4th of July and I always get goose bumps right before the fireworks show because they show a montage of the Rockies. I am so proud of this team and even though they make me really mad sometimes, (by trading Matt Holliday, then not offering Garrett Atkins arbitration, and then not offering Torrealba the money he wants) I still love them and am so proud of them. I think I love this team more than the Broncos which is weird because I used to be a huge football fan. Now, I can’t wait for football to be over so that baseball can come back. I have been hearing that the Cubs are interested in Ryan Spilborghs which really pisses me off. I get that it’s normal for other teams to show interest in our players, but back off! The city of Chicago took our football teams QB and now they want our outfielder? It’s like other teams see our success and try to build off of it by taking our best players. I understand that Spilborghs didn’t have that great of a season in 2009, but he gave us our first walk-off grand slam and has always been one of my favorite players. Good news is that I hear that the Rockies have no interest in trading Spilborghs and the Cubs don’t have the money to obtain him so then can go suck it. And now I just read on Twitter that the Oriels are offering Matt Holliday an 8 year $130 million dollar deal. Wouldn’t that be crazy though if Atkins and Holliday were back together as teammates? I just wish it was on MY team. See, told you… Once the holidays end, baseball talk increases more and more until the actual season starts. One of the things I love about baseball is that on sportscenter, all the top ten plays are from baseball games!  I can’t decide which year I loved more; 2007 or 2009. In 2007, we had all my favorite players still; Holliday, Atkins, Carroll, Matsui, and Taveras. We also had that amazing come back and went to the World Series. But at the same time, we didn’t win a World Series. In 2009 we still had some of my favorite players like; Tulowitzki, Torrealba, Spilborghs, Stewart, Hawpe and Atkins and we had a comeback in May and after that we were a solid team. We didn’t need an amazing September comeback and people predicted us as a World Series team. We were a serious playoff contending team and I hope we stay that way. I am so excited for the summer of 2010. I am one of those people who loves the summer and I got a lot coming up this summer. My brother is getting married, my Rockies will be back at Coors field, and I will hopefully have saved enough money to go on a trip to California. I love California I love the beach and palm trees and nice weather. I just can’t stand their sports’ teams. I can’t believe I am saying this, but this will be my last blog entry of 2009. Looking back at 2009, it was a year where I kept my first serious job and still have it, it was a year where I called in sick to that job so I could go to Rockies games, it was a year where my cousin got married when we thought he never would, the Rockies went back to the playoffs, and the Nuggets and Broncos both started strong, it gave me high hopes and aspirations for 2010. I paid a phone bill today and after it was paid, it said “Thank you for your payment, your next payment is due on 01/20/2010.” It was so crazy seeing that, I can’t believe its going to be 2010. I turn 21 in 2010!!! I can’t wait, I’ve already envisioned myself in Vegas in early October celebrating all night and checking the score of a Rockies game. LOL! Well, I think it’s time to wrap it up cuz I’m short on words and getting ready to go out soon. In closing, I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!! I will be back in 2010 with bigger better blogs and expect lots of pictures and videos this spring/summer because I plan on going to A LOT of games! See you guys later and don’t get too hammered tomorrow!!!!



Random baseball thoughts.

I was reading blogs tonight and it got me thinking about some baseball. Some people are good at cooking, some people are amazing athletes, some people work on cars, and some people are good at solving forensic mysteries. I’ve realized there are two things I am good at; writing, and knowing baseball. I don’t want to sound cocky or arrogant, but I’ve always been told that I am a good writer. I’ve never had a blog before, but because I love and miss baseball so much, I figured I’d write about it. And since I’ve started, I’ve had nothing but positive feedback and I want you guys to know I appreciate it very much and I want to keep this blog up to date to entertain you and to also keep me sane in this long offseason. Anyways, I’d like to talk about the “This Year in Baseball” awards. Unless I am blind, I still haven’t seen ANY results, which makes me upset because there are two people I’ve been voting for and who I think deserve the awards they are up for. Troy Tulowitzki is up for defensive player of the year and Jim Tracy is up for manager of the year. I personally think you are crazy if you did not vote for this man;


I have nothing but respect for Clint Hurdle. He took my Rockies to a place they had never been before; the World Series. But 2009 was not looking good for him. When he was fired, the Rockies were sitting 10 games under 500 at 18-28. Jim Tracy was hired and he quickly got the Rockies into a wild card chase against the Giants and the Braves. He also took the Rockies to 74-42 giving them a total record of 92-70 which means the Rockies had finished 22 games above 500 and won more games then they ever had. I’m sure you’ve heard all this before but I am mentioning it again because it is amazing. The Rockies went to the play-offs for the second time in 3 years proving that they are a team to contend with and a lot of that is thanks to Jim Tracy.Now I wanna talk about someone I am going to miss very much. Garrett Atkins has been apart of the Rockies for 7 years and I can’t imagine seeing him anywhere else. Last year when he was replaced at 3rd base with Ian Stewart, I kind of sensed that he would be on the trading block pretty soon but I didn’t want it to be true. Stewart is a promising player and I am excited to see him improve with the Rockies, but I will still miss “hairyfatkins.” I remember in 2008, going to ball games there were always 3 players I was always excited to see at bat; Matt Holliday, Troy Tulowitzki, and Garrett Atkins. Now, 2 of the 3 are gone and it is a little depressing. I wanna end this paragraph shortly because I don’t wanna get into a rant about how much I hate free agency. But as for Garrett Atkins, I respect him as a person and a player, and where ever he ends up, I wish him continued success and will be rooting for him when he is not playing against the Rockies.
Okay, so I have a bit of a Rockies collection going on in my room right now. I have a calendar, playing cards, a poster, a plaque, coats, flags, pictures from games on my wall and my wallpaper on my phone is even incorporated with Rockies.
I’ve been wanting to buy some stuff from, but with the holidays here and everything being so crazy, I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I think that is one of the coolest pictures of Coors. Not only do I love the team and the state, but I love the stadium we play in. I’ve had people from other states tell me that they have come to Coors to watch their team play the Rockies and they tell me how the atmosphere is amazing and how they could tell Denver fans were intense and it made me smile because I agree. I think sports in this town are very intense which makes it all the more fun. One of the reasons I love sports and baseball so much is because of passion. Passion appears with the players and the fans alike. I am very passionate about my sports, and the teams I follow seem very passionate. I recently heard an interview with Tulowitzki where he said that some guys hate going to the stadium every day, he loves it because he loves his teammates, he loves the fans, and he loves Colorado. If that’s not passion, I don’t know what is.

Still.. Missing baseball… and summer

Hey errybody… I am back! You might find this crazy, but
for a while I thought about erasing my blog and not writing anymore. I erased
my first three entries which sucks but my best one to date is still up
(I found a way to get my other 3 blogs back so they are all up again!!) and there
are more to come. So don’t be too sad. Why am I writing tonight? Well because I
have baseball on my mind, that’s why. I was watching the MLB network and there
was a show on called Prime 9. And it is a countdown of baseball’s best moments.
9 moments because “there are 9 players, 9 innings, prime 9” as the
show stated. The first show was a countdown of the top 9 Cinderella Seasons. I
thought for sure the Rockies would be on there. If not the amazing 2007
comeback in September that led to the World Series, then the 2009 comeback that
started in June and led to the NLDS. But the Rockies were not apart of that
count down which kind of got on my nerves. The next countdown show I watched
was the top 9 comebacks. I thought there would be a chance the Rockies would be
on it, and they were! They were number 7 which I think is too low… they
should have been number 2 or 1. Even the commentators said, “You will never
see what the Rockies did happen for another hundred years.” But I can’t
complain, at least we got some recognition. It took me back though it showed
highlights from the “one-game playoff tiebreaker” between the Padres
and the Rockies. I said in my last entry how amazing watching that game was.
Seeing the highlights made me want to watch the whole game again. It would be
like reliving the past without the near heart attack that game could have
thinking about baseball, I also started thinking about the time of year
baseball is played; summer. And it bummed me out. The summer of 2008 was one of
my best summers ever. I met some amazing people I will never forget and still
think about constantly. So many songs remind me of 2008. That was the summer I
graduated, that was the summer I went camping one day and came back the next
day for an amazing 4th of July Rockies game, the summer where going to Water
World was a must, and pool parties were a weekly Friday event. The summer of
2009 definitely did NOT live up. Sure, I went to plenty of Rockies games
and went to the 3rd of July game (which was also amazing). But the weather
sucked. It rained every day. I think most the games I went to either had rain
during, before, or after the games. None got canceled but it still made it
chilly which I am not used to in baseball. The only time you should go to a
chilly baseball game is in October when your team is in the postseason. I really hated the summer of 2009. I was working all the time which really sucked. I even had to work on the 4th of July. And it poured on the 4th of July. I will be so happy if I never see rain again. I feel like the rain ruined my summer. With that said, I really hope 2010 is scorching hot. I hope I get plenty of chances to go to pool parties again, get back to Water World, and go to three times as many Rockies games that I went to in 2008 and 2009 combined. The holidays are here and I was starting to get excited and starting to cope a little better with the fact that there is no baseball right now. Then my family started their own traditions and the holidays felt a little less exciting. I am always getting mad at people close to me lately and it just makes me wish the holidays were over. Now that I am older, it feels like the holidays are a time of stress instead of joy. Which I guess makes sense to me now. When I was younger I never understood why adults hated the holidays. I think I know why now. I am so over the holidays now and I miss April again. Like I said before, I cannot wait for April. I am going to start counting down the days until April 5th, 2010 lol. Since I miss baseball and the summer so much, I wanna bring up a game I went to towards the end of the summer in 2008. This was a really cold day in September and we got to sit in the club level seats. My cousin Matt won tickets at work and he invited me and my cousin Brittany because he knows how crazy we are about the Rockies. The club level was cool… It was heated and they had free food and drinks. The people kind of sucked because they were all in suits and ties and they didn’t cheer or go nuts like we were doing. The end of the summer that year was a really stressful time for me because I was just starting college and I was writing a really hard paper before that game started and i unfortunately don’t remember what day it was or who we played, but I am pretty sure we lost😦. I think it was September 6th against the Astros. Here is a picture of us in our club level seats.


I am not sure what I miss more; summer, or baseball. Don’t get me wrong at all, I love baseball with all my heart, but another one of my loves is summer. I love going swimming, I love wearing shorts, sun glasses, flip flops and being lazy. The flip flops thing is me being lazy. I love late night BBQ’s that involve waking up the next day on the couch with a pounding head ache and then recovering to watch baseball later that day. All these things I tie into baseball. If we were not at a game, we were watching it at a pool party, or at a bar. Sorry for that random summer rant… here is another baseball rant. This game happened before the summer started and I was NOT at it because it happened at Petco Park in San Diego, California on April 17th, 2008. I was watching this game in my room because I had a sinus infection. I was tired and the game kept going and going and going. The score was 0-0 until the 14th inning when both teams got a run. Score is 1-1 and after that, we go 8 more innings until Troy Tulowitzki hits an RBI double in the top of the 22ND inning. The Padres came up short in the bottom of the 22nd and the game finally ends, 2-1. It was around 2:00 AM mountain time so fans in the east coast were watching that game until 4 AM. Right after that game, I got like 3 text messages from friends and my cousin saying, “That was amazing!!” and it was!! I was so exhausted the next day I could barely stay awake but it was worth it. Well, now that this novel is done, I will be writing sooner than later with more Rockies goodness. Until then, HURRY UP, APRIL GET HERE!!!!


Rembering the past.

So yesterday I started a blog but I was too pissed to write it lol. Basically, Troy Trevor Tulowitzki got screwed out of ANOTHER Gold Glove award. I am so sick of people hanging from Jimmy Rollins’ jock. Seriously? the guy is overrated and I am so sick of hearing about him. Also I am so sick of hearing about Matt Holliday. I loved the guy when he played for the Rockies but now his situation with Scott Boras just reminds me of Jay Cutler and his agent, Bus Cook. Just a couple of douchebags who think they are better than they actually are and deserve more money. Jay Cutler has never been to a Super Bowl, wait HE’S NEVER BEEN TO THE POST SEASON PERIOD. Holliday is different, he’s been to the World Series… BUT HE DIDN’T WIN ONE. This D-bag Scott Boras is saying Holliday is a franchise player and deserves as much as Mark Teixiera. (8 year $180 million deal) PHAHAHAHAHAH ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Let me show you a little something that makes me laugh every time
oops.jpgoops2.jpgAnd while all this is going on, Tulo is quiet and classy and not crying or begging in the limelight. My team is classy and not money hungry. And I used to really respect and like Holliday, but his home was here and I genuinely feel like he is a traitor who cares more about money than the game and the team he represents.
          Now that that is off my chest… I’d like to talk about a game in the past. One of the funnest games I have EVER been to. A lot of it involves Matt Holliday. I am not being two-faced or a bad fan, I am just telling you my emotions and feelings back then, before Holliday became an Oakland A for half the season and then a Cardinal for the rest. It was July 4th, 2008. We bought tickets for the Rockies game in section 206 so we were pretty close to the scoreboard and the fireworks. The game started with that patriotism I’ve mentioned I love in sports. The sun was beaming the entire time and there was 0 wind chill. The veterans came on the field and we clapped loudly as we stood. We were asked to remain standing for the National Anthem. I always get chills when that song is sung, and the crowd echos it. It was especially meaningful because it was Independence Day. The game was against the Marlins so I wasn’t too worried about it…UNTIL in the bottom of the first, we were losing 5-0.  We scored every inning that game except for the 8th. In the 4th inning we gave up 6 runs and it felt like all our effort and all our come back runs were for nothing. I couldn’t let it get me down though.  In the 7th inning it was 17-12, Marlins. 3 were on 0 out and up to bat was Matt Holliday. There was a pitching change and during the break the song “Livin on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi started playing. It started with, “Ooh, we gotta hold on ready or not. You live for the fight when that’s all that you got!” The whole crowd was then echoing the lyric, “Ooh we’re half way there, OHH living on a prayer. Take my hand and we’ll make it I swear. OOOH livin on a prayer.” The speakers at Coors played that lyric about three times and stopped…but the crowd didn’t. We echoed that lyric about 3 more times and it was amazing. The result after that, even more amazing. Matt Holliday pulled through and hit a grand slam. OH MAN. We were going nuts. I love being at a game where I get to see something amazing like a grand slam from my team. The score was then 17-16 and nobody scored in the 8th. Bottom of the ninth, score was still 17-16, Marlins. and I was praying we’d score again. I didn’t want all that effort to be for nothing. Bases loaded, bottom of the 9th. Score is 17-17 and Iannetta hits a ground ball that turns into a base hit and WE WIN 18-17!!! Oh man, by the end of that game, my heart was beating so fast and my face was so hot. The attendance at that game was 48,691. Here’s some pics from that amazing game! (the first one was altered a bit.)
That game was one of the craziest I had been to. I hate come back games at first because you don’t know if you will actually come back or not. But when they do come back… it is so amazing and fun and you cant really control your excitement. I don’t have pictures of the fireworks from that night, I have something better… VIDEOS.
Fireworks 1
Fireworks 2
It’s pretty much a tradition for us to go to Rockies games on the 4th or 3rd of July and I plan on doing it in 2010 again. And if that wasn’t enough for your Rockies/fireworks fix… Here are all my 2009 videos.

 So, basically I am trying to find a way of coping with the offseason just like my friend Nikki was in her blog. My way of coping is looking back at amazing games I’ve been to and sharing them here with you guys! I hope more people read this though. My videos were taken from a blackberry. They are pretty good but they could be better. This offseason, I am going to buy a real actual legit video recorder so I can catch amazing moments like that Bon Jovi one. That was one of my coolest moments in my sporting event life and I am so bummed I didn’t have it on camera. Speaking of Bon Jovi, I am buying tickets to the concert on March 8th, 2010 this coming up week. I cannot wait til that day, we will be SO much closer to opening day. Well, I am running out of jank to say. I hope you enjoyed my videos and my rant for today. I will write again soon, I’m sure. Until next time… GO ROCKIES!!